Nagadi’s Code Of Ethics*


As ours is primarily a specialist consultancy organization, we recognise that honesty, integrity, courtesy and mutual “Confidence and respect between client and consultants” form a moral philosophy which constitutes the foundation of professional ethics. As a measure of self-discipline, therefore, we agree to abide by the following code of ethics :


1.    Will keep the interest of the project and the client as the sole guide while giving our unbiased recommendations.

2.         Will utilise all the available knowledge and experience including relevant international and national codes in our specialised field for the benefit of our clients.

3.         Will not maintain any direct or indirect tie-ups or financial interest with contracting or manufacturing and supply organisations which may influence our recommendations.

4.         Will express opinion only when it is founded on adequate knowledge and honest conviction.

5.         Shall not act so as to injure or attempt to injure, whether directly or indirectly the professional reputation, prospects or business of another consultant organisation provided that this rule shall not be taken as prohibiting expression of technical opinion on behalf of the client before a tribunal or in a commissioned report.

6.         Will present clearly, when called for, the consequences to be expected from deviations proposed if our engineering judgment is overruled in cases where we are responsible for the technical adequacy of engineering work.

7.         Will engage or advise the client to engage and will co-operate with other experts and specialists wherever the client’s or employer’s interests are best served by such services.

8.         Will not, directly or indirectly intervene or attempt to intervene in connection with engineering work of any kind which to our knowledge has already been entrusted to another similar organisation.

9.         Will not disclose information concerning the business affairs or technical processes of clients or employers without their consent. This shall also include such portions of the work as are undertaken by us on behalf of the client.

10.     We shall not associate in work with an engineer who does not conform to the ethical practices laid down by professional organisations like CDC.

Dr. V. V. S. Rao

Consultant Emeritus & Chairman


        Based on code of ethics for consultancy organisations formulated by International Federation of Consulting Engineers and Consultancy Development Centre.


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