Nagadi’s Reputation


Nagadi is known for its :




Being the only all India organization dedicated purely to the profession of Geotechnical Consultancy with its own Code of Ethics since inception


Pioneering Effort

Being the first organization started in India over four & a half decades back specifically for the purpose of providing Geotechnical Consultancy services for major and minor civil engineering projects


Professional Organisation

Having a true federal structure wherein each level of the organization starting from the Chairman to the Work Assistant has independent responsibility of executing their assigned work to the best of their knowledge and ability while ensuring that the work is done in consonance with the established quality system while strictly adhering to the code of ethics of the organization



Having provided Geotechnical Consultancy services for over 26,000 projects all over India and having majority of the work assistants, managers and engineers with over 30 years of service with the organization



With a proven ability to handle almost any kind of geotechnical and other related consultancy works


Effective Solutions

To various kinds of geotechnical and other similar problems faced by the clients, thus ensuring that the clients’ projects are executed satisfactorily and safely


Unbiased Services

Not having undertaken any kind of construction contracting and not having any tie-up whatsoever with contractors, thus not allowing any other considerations to effect the services provided to the client so that the clients’ interests are uppermost


Time For Execution

Any geotechnical testing work requires time for complete and proper execution and analysis, there has never been any compromise in the form of conducting a work quickly at the cost of quality


Prompt post-Report Interaction

Irrespective of how much time (sometimes years) might have elapsed since the submission of the report, any technical or practical queries from the clients are promptly attended to, to the clients’ requirements and satisfaction



Having experienced that investigations of geotechnical problems and/or failures is a specialized field of geotechnical consultancy, introduced, propagated and put into practice the concept of Forensic Geotechnical Engineering


High Fees

Best services can never be cheap


Nagadi’s Motto

Set Standards and Exceed Them

Become A Model Institution




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